For several months, over on my Plottervision YouTube channel, I've been hosting semi-regular streams that I call "Chillplots".

Pen plotters are very satisfying to watch, so I figured it'd be fun to show my Axidraw V3/A3 pen plotter doing its thing in real-time. It's pretty easy to film and edit, with my iPhone XS camera and OBS Studio.

The format of each video is very simple. I find something big and complicated to draw with my plotter, and stream it doing its thing with low-fi hip-hop music playing in the background. Here's an example:

They're nice to work to, so I try to run them on Friday afternoons. I like to imagine people streaming them to their television while kicking back and finishing off the last few tasks for the week.

They're also a nice way to slowly build the channel. I have no ambitions of becoming a YouTuber, but it's lovely to have a little community (>300 strong at the time of writing!) of pen plotter fans that I can delight on a semi-regular basis.