Our Future on Earth

Our Future on Earth

I worked on data visualization for a new FutureEarth report that connects recent news events with the latest environmental science research. Here's how it's described in the report itself:

This report provides a snapshot of our world at the start of 2020, helping to make sense of the state of this unique biophysical-human ecosystem we inhabit as a planetary-changing species. It combines up-to-date research with the latest world events, including physical and social science perspectives to explore where we are now, where we hope to go, and how we might get there. It also includes a novel survey of scientists to rank their top concerns for global systemic risks in the coming years.

As for my part, here's one of the charts, showing the "Great Acceleration".

Humanity’s climbing influence on the planet can be seen across biogeophysical and social measures. Source: Adapted from Steffen, W. et al. 2015. The Anthropocene Review, 2(1), 81–89. DOI

Grab the PDF of the report here.