Sharing Generative Sketches

Sharing Generative Sketches

I've registered an Instagram account for my generative art sketches. Go check out @vhfseizures.

I'm not especially wild about using Instagram. Every third post in my feed is an ad these days, and often a crappy one at that. But it's a good place to quickly and easily host both audio and video in a way that I can easily embed here, and to reach a decent-sized audience, so I'm using it until I can find a better solution.

Here's my latest sketch, from last night. I'm really enjoying how easy it is to just play around in p5.js - making errors and then turning those errors into their own thing. It feels primed for serendipity, in a way that few coding languages are. If you want a beginnger's guide, I can highly recommend Generative Design.

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That username? Algorithmically generated by this site. Not sure how. But I liked it.