One month of daily posts on my new workblog! Yay! But already it's starting to feel like a bit of a chore each day, and quite often I end up putting things in a queue and publishing them a few days after the rest of the internet is talking about them. So I'm going to tweak the setup around here slightly.

Instead of aiming for a post each day, I'll just post when I've got something to say. That might be twice on some days. It might be none on others. But if it's none for more than two or three days, then I'll make the effort to put something together. That shouldn't be too tricky - I've got a few series on the go. Lots more Tools I Love, lots more sketches, and maybe a new series where I make small data visualizations from small data.

Then at the same time, I'm going to do a weeknotes-style roundup - but every ten days, just to be contrary. I'll collect ten days of notes on what I've been upto, creatively speaking, and then lightly edit and publish the whole lot in one go. That feels like it'll be more useful. I might also try to bring in a newsletter element to that - we'll see.

Still need to make things more pretty around here, too. Working on it. More soon.