A Wild Plotter Appears!

A Wild Plotter Appears!

I'm extremely excited to say that I'm now the proud owner of a pen plotter. Specifically, the Axidraw V3/A3.

I had a grand plan to save up money slowly over time to buy it, but I sold some old photography equipment instead. It arrived yesterday, just in time for the Easter weekend.

I've not done too much with it yet. I plotted a few of the test images, with different kinds of pen and different kinds of paper. I plotted one of Rev Dan Catt's perlin landscapes, too. This image is inverted - it was originally black on white, but it looks much cooler this way. Planning to buy some white pens and black paper forthwith.

My main goals for the upcoming weekend are to get under its metallic skin, figuring out how it works and then how to make files that plot nicely. From there, I'll be able to start making work that I'm proud of.

Stay tuned for (lots) more.