Car Free Stories

Car Free Stories

The climate charity I work for, Possible, has just published a scrollytelling story I made about car-free initiatives in cities across the world.

It originally began life as a report, but most people don't read reports. Policymakers read reports (or their staff do). Folks who work at think tanks read reports. But not the kind of people who we're trying to reach on our Car Free Megacities campaign. So we needed a way to share the contents in a more compelling format.

We did some brainstorming, and threw around a bunch of ideas, and the one we kept coming back to was a map. People love maps. They love to find themselves on maps, and they love to explore maps. So as our in-house dataviz and map designer, I was called in to make it happen.

The result is Car Free Stories - a scrollytelling experience that takes you on a whirlwind global tour of ways in which cities are moving to reduce traffic and cut the numbers of cars on roads. Give it a spin!

Explore a world of Car Free Cities
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