Data Journalism Advice For Science Writers

Data Journalism Advice For Science Writers

I was interviewed for a nice piece on The Open Notebook about data journalism for science writers.

Interrogating Data: A Science Writer’s Guide to Data Journalism

As with all these things, a long interview was cut down to a short series of quotes. But I think my interviewer, Betsy Ladyzhets, did a great job of picking out the most important points. The key bits of advice I gave were:

  1. Figure out what the data is showing, but also what it’s not showing.
  2. Write down aspects of a dataset that you find interesting, as well as questions that come up, as you explore the data (for more on this, read my New Beginning essay).
  3. Good science communication thinks about its audience (for more on this, read my guide and worksheet for identifying your audience).
  4. Join the Data Visualization Society.

The rest of the article has a lot of good advice from others, as well as recommendations for tools and resources to try out. Go check it out.